We get a lot of music submissions on daily basis. Unfortunately we have to turn a lot of them away because they don`t meet our overall requirements. We are looking for artists who has great production, catchy music, and great lyrics and most of all a professional look and feel overall. We will all have to review your music and once we all agree on the project we will notify you and let you know we will be honored to push your music and help you get to the next level

BDS Playlist TOP 10 Playlist


We have 10 BDS Reporting Charting Stations. We all get a playlist together of amazing artist. Then all ten of us spin the same playlist at least 3 times a day. Which is a lot of spins per day and per week. But most of all. We are a Network who doesn`t just spin Artist music . We help you get Charted on BDS Platform. 

We have 10 BDS Stations, 5 DRT Reporting Charting Stations and all of our stations are licensed with BMI, ASCAP, SESAC.

If you make this list just know it`s not just one station pushing you. But A NETWORK PUSHING YOU. We supply a platform like no other. We have stations in 4 different time zones spinning your music at least 3 times. We are supplying an audience others dream about.

BMI, ASCAP. SESAC Top 20 Playlist

As we stated earlier all of our stations are license with BMI, ASCAP & SESAC. Our goal is not to just spin your music, But to help you get charted on our BDS & DRT Platforms. But most of all help you get paid from spins on the radio. 

We don't just spin your music but help you chart. So with that when all our stations spins your music at least 3 times a day. That's a lot of spins a day and per week when almost 30 stations are all playing your music. On a world wide platform.

Here's what one of our Top 20 BMI, ASCAP, SESAC Charts look like. If you make this list you are being spinned on almost 30 stations in 4 different time zones.